For the hackathon @ NewtonHACKS

Created by Sarah Thomas and Orna Mukhopadhyay, this is a basic project generator which links to either topic databases, research papers, textbooks, or youtube videos for someone who chooses to further delve into a topic. We were able to learn about Flask along the way (although it ended up not being used) as well as various fields and research opportunities in science and mathematics.

We built this purely in Python, but originally were intending to use the Flask package in order to deploy it on a web server in a dynamic website. Due to time issues, that part of the project was not able to be executed. Originally, we were going to include technology and engineering, but again due to time issues, we were not able to fully execute this part of the project.

This should encourage research and delving into scientific topics for people of all ages.

*Improvements: *

Could have integrated into a Flask Website (could not for a lack of time); Could have utilized a database for the links; Could have utilized a larger selection of links; Used a more thorough project selection framework.

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