About The Project

Generate STEAMinds aims to challenge young minds and stimulate innovative thinking by sparking creative ideas. By randomly generating words or topics related to one of the five disciplines of STEAM, individuals are introduced to a new mixture of concepts. Aimed for youth education and online learning.

Project Inspiration

Our decision to compete in the Education track was inspired by our common passion for providing solutions to inaccessibility to educational resources as well as stimulating creative and independent thinking.

An overarching concern with technology’s facilitation of our daily lives is its ability to supersede our creativity. There is also an imbalance in STEAM learning, as many school curriculums are even removing the discipline of art. More recently, during quarantine, our habitual activities often inhibit our abilities to find inspiration for new projects.

How It was Built

The Generate STEAMinds website is created through Qoom, using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Lessons Learned

We learned about the importance of simplicity in user design — since our target audience is young people, we had to create a way to maximize productivity due to inhere to low human attention spans. Sometimes, less is more!

We also learned how to collaborate while coding. At first it was hard, as we were used to coding on our own, but as the days went by, we found the most efficient way to complete our project with the limited time we were provided.

Challenges Faced

The primary challenge we faced was during our brainstorming sessions for our project. We had to decide how our product could appeal to a variety of audience groups. We settled on younger people (10-17 years of age) as a start. We hope, in the future, to expand this product to be able to accommodate college students and beyond.

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