What it does

Contactless Donation & Tax Receipt Tracker plugin allows organizations to accept donations and dispatch receipt efficiently in the pandemic situation by providing donation tracking and approving flow (system) to both donors and nonprofit members to communicate and accomplish good deeds.

How We built it

This plugin built for the nonprofit "Dress for Success San Jones" at Opportunity Hack 2020 to increase efficiency in a pandemic. This is developed as a plugin to WordPress as the NPO has a WordPress website and allows users to register there. Thus extending the capability of their system and minimizing the learning curve and We're proud that This will not add one more system to their daily work activities instead empowers them by adding extra features to NPO and Users. So We decided to implement it as a WordPress plugin and a ShortCode - They can place it anywhere as required - even in case if they do redesign the website in the future.

Challenges I ran into

Creating PDF Receipts on the fly.

Implementing a Template engine for the PDF Receipt - So that the NPO can update the details of the Tax receipt if needed.

Secure Access to application dashboard - We implemented different access roles for Donors and NPO.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Contactless Donation & Tax Receipt Tracker plugin will give configurable and pluggable features to place the required components of the flow in various places of the system which already does exist at the nonprofit side.

Main Features

  1. User can create donation requests from the system. Each request will be assigned a Unique TAG.
  2. Nonprofit can validate and approve the donations from the Plugin Backend.
  3. The PDF Receipts can be downloaded directly by the user from their donation requests after the nonprofit accepts/approves the donation.
  4. Nonprofits are allowed to update the donation request contents and updated the receipt as needed.
  5. The entire contactless chain is available from accepting the donation to dispatching the Tax Receipts.
  6. Data Import & Export - All data related to this flow are exportable as XML or CSV and also can be imported.

Pluggable Features

  1. The end product a WordPress Plugin - So It's available for anyone to use on their WordPress sites.
  2. The underlying user management system of WordPress will be used. No additional setup is required.
  3. Shortcode [list-user-donations] is available to populate the history of donations the user has made - This can be placed anywhere in the system.

Configurable Options

  1. This plugin can be made available on-demand as the nonprofit required - The easy to install/uninstall instruction is available below.
  2. Donation receipt will be generated via an HTML Template, Which can be effortlessly be updated from the WordPress/Plugin backend.
  3. Receipt PDFs are generated on-demand, Thus there are no space constraints in the server. Temporary data will be wiped as used.

What I learned

Latest Updates in WordPress. Security importance of a Web Portal. Creating own custom template engine for PDF/Files generation. WordPress Plugin and Shorcode System.

What's next for "Contactless Donation & Tax Receipt - Approval & Tracker"

To install this system to NPO's Web Portal.
Generalize the product to the nonprofit business vertical.
Provide application API/Hooks to extend this or integrate it into other platforms.


Scenario I am Jane, a professional woman who likes to buy nice clothes, shoes, and accessories. I am now retired and looking to donate my work wardrobe to Dress for Success San Jose. The clothes will help women in need of professional attire. After I have donated, completing the tax receipt is time-consuming, outdated, and cumbersome. I also want to donate money in addition to my clothes, but the whole process takes 15 minutes. This makes me hesitant and resistant to donate clothing and money. I am trying to improve the lives of women that are served by Dress for Success San Jose.

How might we make it easy for Jane to pre-complete the tax receipt and add her monetary donation on her own before dropping off her donations?

How might we see and recognize donors at the time of donation?

Impact Having an online tax receipt will enable donors to drop off faster and increase our community support. Staff time will be utilized more efficiently and directed towards helping more clients.


Vignesh - Fullstack Developer.

Karthik - Backend Developer.

Ramya - Campus Developer.

Renugambal - Designer/Developer.

Because of time constraints - All of our developers contributed to all the lifecycle of product Ideation, Development, and Deployment.

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