There are lots of charts that help you view relationships in your family tree: pedigrees, fans, and group sheets all provide different ways to look at generations of relatives.

There's one thing that's missing… It's just not easy to see how the lives of your ancestors crossed paths through time.

Who was alive for major family or historical events? How old were they? Were grandparents around when their children married? Did they see the birth of their first grandchild?

When Abe Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address, did he have kids? Did his parents, brothers and sisters get to hear it?

The answers to these questions can provide insights and prompt more questions that help you discover what family life was like for you ancestors. That's why we built Generasi.

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Generasi lets you replay the timeline of your ancestors' lives. See when family members were born and when they passed away. Get a snapshot of their family at any point in history. You can validate your research, get valuable insights, and better understand your full family story.

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