GeneIndex is an app written for the iOS family of devices that quickly provides information about genes from various sources.  It also includes a RSS reader for journal feeds as well as a PubMed viewer. Key Features: * Look up genes by symbol or description. * Gene indexes for human, mouse, fly, worm, yeast, plant, frog, bacteria, and zebrafish. * Link to gene info on websites. * Download files for offline use. (.pdf, .mp3, .m4v, .doc, .ppt, .xls ) * transfer files via open in, email, or iTunes file sharing * View RSS feeds for journals * Query GeneRIF interactions, COSMIC mutations, and CNV data for cell lines. * Does not require a network connection for local databases. * View and search PubMed in table view. GeneIndex provides a convenient and portable way to lookup gene symbols while at a seminar, conference, or lab meeting. Genes are linked to common life science websites such as NCBI, COSMIC, KEGG, PubMed, SymAtlas, UCSC genome browser, Pathway Commons, Genatlas, Wikipedia, HUGO, and OMIM. GeneRIF gene interactions can also be queried. Keep current on the scientific literature. GeneIndex includes a RSS reader and web browser for browsing popular journals like Nature, Science, and Cell. You can also add your own RSS feeds. PDFs and podcasts can be saved as files that you can view on the device or email as attachments. Examine the status of genes in common cell lines. A subset of COSMIC containing cell lines can be queried for mutations. Copy Number Variation (CNV) plots from cell lines profiled by GSK and Sanger are also linked to genes. Requirements:  iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) running iOS3.0+, iOS4.0+ recommended. iTunes account. Installation:  GeneIndex maybe downloaded through the App Store on the device or through iTunes on a computer by clicking the GeneIndex URL.  The app is then transferred to the device after syncing with iTunes. Instructions are provided by touching the "menu" button and then the "help" button.

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