With two transgender-identifying members of our team, and multiple teammates interested in a game or narrative of some kind, we initially settled on the extremely general subject of "Transgender Narrative Game". Sam, one of our members, has training in public health, so we used that as a basis for our story.

What it does

Our story shares with players the core message that policies and resources that affect a health care practitioner's ability to care for patients have real consequences for real people.

How we built it

We used the Twine story building engine to lay out the structure of our narrative.

Challenges we ran into

We designed, a lot of stuff, which we really only barely had time to get into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We designed, a lot of stuff, and it was really fun! We created whole narratives for multiple characters in a short amount of time, adding personality to carry the message of the story.

What we learned

Hackathons are not a lot of time, and it would help to have a clear idea before the day even starts. Also, getting better sleep Friday night would have been good.

What's next for Gendertwine

We have lots of design for future iterations of this narrative, as well as a parallel narrative from the perspective of one of the character's patients. Our group is excited about continuing to work on this project to promote trans visibility and further develop our skills as story writers and engineers.

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posted an update

Our team had a blast on this PearlHacks 2020 hack!

The submission for PearlHacks 2020 has four patients with fully detailed dialogue trees, title artwork plus portraits for each patient, and a suite of medical information on the patients for realism.

As it stands on 2/23/2020 7 PM, we have an effective demo of our foundational concept: A small scale transgender-focused narrative from the perspective of a health care provider about the current state of the United States medical system for trans individuals seeking regular or trans-related care.

Stay tuned for future updates; we plan on continuing development until this project is a full-fledged indie game!

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