A tool for scoring and visualizing the gender-oriented words and their sentiments in a piece of text.

Helps to raise gender equality awareness. Be aware not to contain these patterns in your text:

  • (female / male) should ...
  • (female / male) is generally (positive / negative)
  • A (positive / negative) (female / male) ...


# Setup environment
$ conda env create -f environment.yml
$ conda activate gender-equ

# Run app server
$ python -m

# Or, interactively test word gender and sentiment scores
$ python -m project.src.score
>>> Enter word (or 'q' to exit): <word>
>>> Gender: <gender score>, sent: <sentiment score>

Scoring Mechanism

The gender and sentiment scores are based on cosine distance of the word to a pre-compiled list of words among each category.

For example, a pre-compiled list of female words are: 'female', 'women', 'woman', 'girl', and a pre-compiled list of male words are: 'male', 'men', 'man', 'boy'. The average cosine distance of a query word to these words is computed. The final gender score is male_score - female_score.

  • Gender score range: [-1, 1], negative: male, positive: female
  • Sentiment score range: [-1, 1], negative: negative, positive: positive

Coloring Mechanism

  • Gender
    • Blue: male, red: female
    • Background color
  • Sentiment
    • Green: positive, red: negative
    • Border color

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