Often i felt so frustrated and put down by some comments on social media which were sexist. Now others are going to determine a girls self worth by mocking us with sarcasm? Going through this I felt like these comments should go unsupported and ignored. Only low responses to these kinds of statements can eradicate them. It is also unessecary to not read them and ignore them as they can be very hurtful and demotivating.

What it does

This project I created uses hardware to notify a social media user if a recieved comment is sexist or negetive and so you will be warned to ignore it even before you read it. Apart from this, this detector is a part of an intelligent system so the notifying LCD can be remotely operated with an additional feature of remotely operated light bulbs/Other appliances incase you are too lazy to get up and go near the harware while you are using your social media.

How we built it

It is build using the following procedure:

1)Data is collected from a twitter API/A static database used to save tweets got from a social media handle

2)The data after using sentiment analysis technique is refined to categorize it as an appropriate comment or not. According to the polarity there is a column in an additional column added to the database which is in binary form(1 indicates inappropriate/Biased, 0 indicates appropriate). That data is serailly fetched

3)Based on the got input the C program in keil is able to send a message to the hardware component whose output is displayed in the simulator in proteus. A red led lights up if there is a warning and details are displayed on the LCD

4)Using the serial input you can control the switching on of the LCD or lights in your room. Which makes it an overall intelligent room for your comfort.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge i ran into was becuase i didn't have the hardware components with me and i were to use a simulator there were a few functionalities i could not implement which would have made the project better. Some features would be including ESP8266 so that it could be controlled from my phone. Secondly if i had used arudino instead of 8051 microprocessor i could have implemented the joining of the database since it allows of that feature very easily. Wasn't able to get authenticated by twitter due to the short time frame of hackathon so had to use a static database instead of real time API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my first hackathon with a hardware based project and on my own.I feel i have created something that is genuinely very useful as it is derieved from my own expereicenes. I felt the most proud when i saw the proteus hardware output was actually working.

What we learned

I learned alot about 8051 functionalities, arudino,the esp8266 module, database connection. I applied my sentiment analysis skills i had learned in an internship and i also learnt how to work on my own

What's next for Gender Bias Comment Detector and smart system Using 8051

Defienelty there is alot of functionality that can be added to make this project used in the industry: -I would like to implement this project on actual harware instead of the simulator so that i could include the control from my phone functionality and actual see this live -Using arudino is instead of the 8051 is also another thing in my mind so that the code can be most optimized and some missing peices of this project can be worked on. -Using the twitter API for real time application -An actual deleting feature would be a great addition to the project

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