Project Background This project emerged in response to the challenges that university students encountered while attempting to connect with faculty members and find suitable collaborative projects during their academic tenure. The hurdles stemmed from the lack of effective communication and understanding between students and professors, leading to prolonged searches for both parties.

Project Description To address this issue, our team has developed a website that facilitates connections between students and faculty members. The platform comprises two forms: one for students and another for faculty. The student form gathers information regarding their profiles, skills, and interests, while the faculty form captures details about the skills required and ongoing projects.

Implementation These forms are integrated with a Machine Learning (ML) algorithm, which assesses student skills and matches them with the specific skill sets needed by faculty members. Additional filters, such as degree requirements and CGPA, are employed to fine-tune the selection process, ensuring the identification of the most suitable candidate for each professor. Furthermore, candidates who do not align with a particular professor are re-evaluated by the algorithm to identify suitable projects with other professors.

Challenges Faced Our project encountered challenges primarily related to the collection of student data and survey responses. We faced mixed reviews, and the presence of more accurate information in resumes posed difficulties in accurately predicting matches.

Achievements We take pride in harnessing data science and technology to create a platform that benefits the entire university community by facilitating employment and collaboration. Our accomplishment lies in contributing to the growth and prosperity of our community.

Lessons Learned Throughout this project, we acquired valuable technical skills, including Machine Learning and model deployment, alongside front-end development using the latest trends. Additionally, we developed soft skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

Future Endeavors Our next steps involve scaling our project and conducting further research, which necessitates support and funding from our mentors. We plan to extend this resource to all university students, offering training and awareness programs through our website.

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