For those with genetic conditions or friends and family of those with such genetic conditions or even those who are just interested in research about their own genome, Geme is the solution for users to keep up to date with published data about their linked traits in real time. This solution addresses this problem in a significant way in that it is a dynamic approach to the existing static approach to genetic research data.

This solution is also new and cutting edge as it is not currently addressed in the market. This application was built from scratch although implementing a template from a commercial UI template. Geme is super user friendly and is a promising start though not fully mature.

What it does

The user can subscribe to recent findings in their own genomic traits!

How we built it

Geme is built on a LAMP stack (PHP) using Laravel backend framework, vanilla ES6, and bootstrap on top of a commercial UI kit. Everything is server-side rendered.

Challenges we ran into

We were initially following a different data set. The data and terminology was overwhelming at first but we found a way to make it work. Another challenge was where we were placed our efforts while compromising in other aspects of the application. With only two days, boilerplate code felt painfully slow, and we only spent around 10 hours developing interesting functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were successfully able to deploy a web app that can update the records in real time.

What we learned

Various new genetic concepts. We learned that communication is key. The challenge was difficult as is, but it wouldn't have been possible alone - even if you had a degree in both fields. Staying up until 4:00am is counter-productive.

What's next for Geme

Consultation with genetics professionals to better represent statistical data. Following your friend's and family's genetics. Matching feature that calculates disease risk in theoretical offspring between 2 users.

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