1. Once, my kid had a birthday, i was stuck at work due to a software development problem, i missed the birthday. I then understood that even if one of my friends could have helped me (because he had already confronted and solved that problem) i can't tell who's the right person to consult. There's a limit to what i know on my friends' ability to help me.

Gelp it! helps productivity in more than one way. The first one IS the reason why i enlisted us to the Corona challenge. this one is just highly effective, and... even synergetic with the previous one (you need to see it), and so it is included here.

  1. Gelp it!'s development i had to solve a bug, which made me to look at server's console log, for 5 minutes, tons of text being poured into it. Now, someone enters the door, can i turn my head ? or at that very moment i'll miss the text line i looked for ? Then i started to think, that just like news websites, that have a "newsflash window", which is in fact a summary of the "most important events that heppend lately", how cool would it be if software developers had a window, which summarized during the development phase, all the important events that happened in their log. No need to consume huge amounts of text. No need to work with Notepad++ dwelling in enourmous amounts of text Just look at the "Newsflash" and get a summary (even your log contains millions lines of text, you get the essence summarized).

Facing the Corona challenge, I see Gelp it! as a tool that automatically finds a person with a problem the right friend that has a solution. And in , even if they do not work apart at their homes.

What it does

Team collaboration :

  1. Gelp it! automatically identifies when a software developer has a runtime problem (e.g. an Exception/error log).
  2. Gelp it! automatically identifies when a software developer solves a problem (no need to report anything).
  3. Given the last 2 points, when a software developer has a problem, Gelp it! automatically links him with a friend who had already solved that problem (or similar enough).

A summary : Gelp it! is in fact, a social network for software developers, integrated inside the IDE, HIGHLY automated using AI and machine learning algorithms, developed from scratch.

Gelp it! is a tool that helps software developers manage HUGE logs with no effort:

  1. Gelp it identifies the most important events that happened in your logs, marks (graphically) the most important lines and gives a real time, table like summary of those events.
  2. Logs can be consumed from : Within the IDE, tailing an external log (file or a folder), analysing a static file or a folder, or even connect to your production server's docker (NO NEED OF A PRIOR DEVOPS INTEGRATION / BACKGROUND, 3 mouse clicks and you get real time analysis of your server (very important to startup companies).

Bottom line, the inspiration came from problems i've endured during my many years of working in the high tech field. A wish to solve problems that me and the people around me endure daily.

How I built it

5 years of building it quietly, under the radar, a patent pending, a team of 5, cross platform, works for both Windows and Linux environments, has an installed (download, and next next ... just like installing Dropbox or Chrome). Guidelines : Accuracy, stable, it is not being published to the world until it's ready, a great UX, allow the software developers i know (friends and students, i pass 1 year courses in software development).

Challenges I ran into

  1. Picking the right people (professionally and more important - the right personality)).
  2. The most common question during the first 2+ years was "who said we can do it?". We're integrated inside the core of software development IDEs, I've developed new analysis algorithms from scratch.
  3. Releasing a person (no one tells you that the people you fire, just may be people you like).
  4. Combining a huge workload and proper familty
  5. Keep the passion and enjoy the creation prosses

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. We have a working, stable, scalable service, integrated to multiple IDEs, that supports multiple programming languages and can help tons of people from all over the world collaborate better, especially in these hard times, where everyone's working from home, and still needs to highly productive.
  2. Students came lately and complaint why we don't have this and that feature, and that they want more. That's one of the best compliments we've gotten so far. They told me "we're using it, we like it ! we want more".
  3. The level of enthusiasm i get, when i show Gelp it! (highly selectively so far).
  4. Managing to keep a team of 5, working for such a long time.

What I learned

So much... it's hard to describe.. yet if i try to summarize it :

  1. UX wins.
  2. Every crack left, would raise its head some day and bite you (hence - no cracks).
  3. People are the key to success, cull carefully, personality is above all.
  4. Consult, consult , consult ....
  5. Win - Win wins.
  6. Big companies decide slow, small companies decide way faster
  7. Always enjoy the process, the final prize is the bonus.

What's next for Gelp it!

Finising every last cornver and then release Gelp it! to the world.

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