One day we were walking on the street in the Jakarta area, it should be noted that Jakarta is one of the big cities in Indonesia. At that time we saw an unpleasant sight, we saw a lot of traders (MSME entrepreneur) whose stalls were forced to be closed or even evicted and confiscated by the authorities because there is no permit to trade in that area. That moment really made us feel so sad, so it made us think how to provide a place/land for them to continue to sell and trade legally so that they can continue their life.

What it does

We give opportunity to those who have a MSME business to run their business through event to event, which is would help them a lot to gain more profits for them to scale up their business. besides it also would help them to be recognize by many people out there. it can be a milestone for them to keep evolving their business.

How we built it

We build it as a mobile application using lumen + flutter framework that will work on multiplatform like android and ios. for database we use MySQL to store the database. For UI/UX Design we use Figma as a main tool for making the whole UI App and Prototyping. For UML Class Diagram and Use Case Diagram we simply use Microsoft Word. We doing a team work to make this application, We devide the role into only 2 Roles :

  1. UI/UX Designer : Me (Rosyad) the one who make UI/UX Design and also making the UML Class Diagram and Use Case Diagram for the developer.
  2. Full-Stack Developer : My Partner (Naufal) the one who worked hard to implement the design into a mobile application using Lumen + Flutter Framework and he also handle the database for the application.

Challenges we ran into

Actually we do never make a mobile application before, so this is our first time making a mobile app project. Beside, this hackathon event is also our first hackathon we joined in our life. We both used to be a web app developer, so this is the real deal for us to make a mobile application in only 36 hour. Fun Facts : -This is the first time naufal write a code using flutter Framework that's a real big big challage for him. -And This is also my first time using Figma and become an UI/UX designer so this is also become a real challange for me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • For naufal, i really proud of him, because he finally can use the flutter framework and make his code run pretty well. i know that working on the new framework that he never touched before is really that hard. but, He is really good partner, he Finished his JOB at the end.
  • For me, i proud of my self because i can finish my work as a UI/UX designer, this is new for me but i think i can do this.

What we learned

Of Course we learned a lot from this hackathon, we learn to making a great team work, we learn some hardskill as i mentioned above, we learn how to manage a team, time, and we also learned to work under pressure.

What's next for GELARTIKAR

We will continue this project, and we gonna work hard to focus on helping MSME entrepreneur, because the problem that we saw is something that we both want to solve. we make our business model Agile so that we are ready to solve another problem for MSME entrepreneur. and we gonna make GELARTIKAR as One Stop Application for every MSME entrepreneur needs. As our project name "GELARTIKAR" which is the antonym from "GULUNGTIKAR". we want to avoid MSME entrepreneur from GULUNGTIKAR ( ending/stopping/quitting their business ).

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