When I began my journey as a web developer, back in 2013, I wanted to develop an online diary to write my everyday thoughts. Time flies. I am a big fan of, and few days ago, I found myself being writing on a daily basis a diary on this app. As Notion is not a diary app (but fit the job perfectly), I remind this idea I had back in 2013. Moreover, I was always thinking about my privacy when I'm writing on Notion (what if Notion employees read my things?). Then, I remember reading something about that thing called BlockStack in 2017. I decided to dive into.

I was not sure if I wanted to use BlockStack ecosystem for my diary app. If mass adoption failed, the project won't be able to run in the long term. In another hand, BlockStack sounds very appealing, and data encryption and decentralization are very important to me.

In the night of 1st of June, during a nightly Twitter session, I have met this hackathon. I've got very excited about this, and decided to go for it!

What it does

You will be able to write and read your thoughts on the application like a diary. I believe writing is an important activity to practice.

How I built it

I'm using Vue+Nuxt to build the frontend of the application. BlockStack Javascript SDK handle the other part of the stack ;)

Challenges I ran into

I am thinking a lot about the best way to implement full text search in the journal: there is no backend on my stack, and the data are encrypted. I've to build an index file on the client to perform this operation. Let's see ;)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first project, so yeaaaah, I'm very proud of!

What I learned

BlockStack ecosystem :)

What's next for Gekri

Until 30th of June, I'm going to implement other features I've on my mind! Until there, I'm going to use my own app to write my diary, and that's soooo coool :D

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