Education is important, especially in an age where everything is powered by innovation. With a pandemic going on, many schools are being forced to move online. My experience with online learning has been quite chaotic,

What it does

Gekko is an open-source project created for school districts, extra-curricular classes, and or other educational programs to communicate with students and guardians digitally.

How I built it

I used Vue.js and Feathers.js to build Gekko. You can check out my entire tech stack by reading my GitHub I used tailwind as my utility class library and I used to style my entire app. I also took the responsive design into account and designed my app mobile-first. I set up a MongoDB database for my backend and connected to it with mongoose and feathers.js. I used feathers-auth to setup my local auth and created custom services (feathers way of creating a collection) and added custom hooks and security. After creating the backend, I moved on to the frontend and used Feathers-Vuex to connect my feathers app to my vue app. From there on, I added more and more code and did some app polishing afterward.

Challenges I ran into

  • Technical backend issues (adding members)
  • Trouble brainstorming app ideas
  • The style I wanted Gekko to have

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Building an entire 🥞 full-stack app in 48 hours
  • 🎨 My Frontend Design
  • Finally attending a 💻 Hackathon

What I learned

  • 🔒 Security in Feathers.js
  • 👍 Best practices for tailwindcss

What's next for Gekko

After this hackathon is over, I will definitely refactor my code and try to deploy it. I might even ask my principal to see if we could use it in my school!

Built With

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posted an update

Judges, sorry but due to limited resources, I didn't deploy my backend so you can't really use the production app... But its okay! You can clone the app down to your machine from my repo and try it out yourself! Instructions in the readme of /client and /server folders! If not, the snapshots and demo provided should suffice! Thanks for your time :smile:!

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