Due to lack of availability of a platform which can help learners to share their experiences while learning, we decided to make a platform where a student can share their learning experience and projects they’ve made to the younger students, motivated us to design and develop this platform.

What it does:

an online platform which programming students can use to capture their work-based experiences and share these learning experiences with other students through text, photos. The main focus is to develop a platform that allows students to share their work experiences and projects.

How we built it:

We started building its front-end part using HTML, CSS and Javascript and later on we added a backend framework (Django) and SQLite database.

Challenges we ran into:

allowing users to upload their own file presented its own challenges as storage and processing were key. We used Pillow to pre-process images and Django handled the images storage for us in media file rather than storing it the database which would be less efficient if we were to scale it up and use something like a CDN.

What we learnt:

We learnt how important it is to cooperate and work together in a team , and some specific tech-related stuff while building this project.

What’s next for Geekspot?

We think it’s a great concept for all the students to share their knowledge with younger students and having an ease of sharing these small post which tells about their learning phase of life is worthless and it is very important to make it flawless, we will constantly add new features to it which will keep up the great product, we can’t wait to see the reactions students to our concept:)

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