Cheryl and I have been active in refurbishing computers and tearing down computers to recycle the metals with organizations in the Chicago area.

What it does

Taking a computer that has been deemed as useless and with smaller Open source operating systems making them useful again.

How we built it

We have taken the basics of the organizations we volunteered with and considered how these concepts might best serve the least of those in Houston along with learning hardware and software skills also weaving in the intentional considerations of recycling and using as many natural products as possible.

Challenges we ran into

The culture of always having to have the biggest and newest without worrying about what that does to the Earth as well as those living on it is pervasive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Encouraging people to use Open Source products and to teach classes to others on open source products within a local organization

What we learned

That people at first think why would anyone do anything that is not the normal way of doing things but then seeing them do exactly that is fantastic.

What's next for Geek Out Houston

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