If you lose an important article, it is almost impossible to retrieve it again. Skimming through browser history or Google search results is like finding a needle in an ocean. To tackle this problem, our team created Geegle.

What it does

Geegle is a chrome extension which can search and retrieve the links of the web pages not only based on the titles of the web pages or your previous searches but also based on any word you remember in the content or a vague description of the image you have seen on the webpage.It remembers the content and image descriptions. Unlike traditional Google Search, we only show results on links you have visited, which increase the likelihood of locating the correct article. If you vaguely remember the images is about "cats", Geegle will fetch it for you too!

How we built it

Geegle is built using a crawler script, elasticsearch and a machine learning model called word embedding model. We integrated these technologies into a chrome extension to achieve efficiency.

Challenges we ran into

Asynchronous nature of Nodejs was very hard to implement and debug for all of us as we weren't familiar with asynchronous programming.Interprocess communication between python and javascript threads were something which led to quite a few challenges.Despite these challenges, we managed to produce an efficient, optimized and fast chrome extension and make Geegle possible!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Create a Web crawler in both Java and JavaScript and learn the basics of elasticsearch. - Mukesh Developed the entire backbone of the chrome extension and integrated Nodejs with python. - Kai Hsien Able to learn the basics of elasticsearch and integrate with the chrome extension. - Hieu

As a team, we are proud of our timely production, distribution of the tasks efficiently and production of the useful hack.

What's next for Geegle

We plan on implementing more powerful query format and use better data structures and algorithms to replace elasticsearch.

Our final Quote

So when people think of history let them say "Forget GOOGLE just GEEGLE it!"

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