Gebeta, also know by various other names all around Africa, has been around for hundreds of years. We thought it would be useful to digitize a classic, African board game.

What it does

The aim of the game is to have more pebbles on one's own mancala by the time all of the holes of any single player are empty.

How we built it

Since this is a simple board game with unsophisticated rules, we thought it would be sufficient to build it using HTML5 and javascript. We used PhoneGap to transform the game into a mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the animations to look realistic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It surely isn't as polished as it would've been had we worked on it for a longer period of time, but we consider developing the game and learning a lot of new stuff along the way in a short time as a success.

What we learned

We've proven to ourselves that if we give our time and energy we can develop amazing, useful products

What's next for Gebeta board game

We're considering putting a lot of effort to make it a polished game that everyone would enjoy playing.

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