There is narrow bridge between limitation of renewable energy funding and high number in consumers who concern environmental issues. We're looking forward to optimal solution that all participants i.e., producers, consumer, as well as utilities. Here are lists of major pain points: ..* Low ROR for renewable energy production ..* High incentive and compensation by government ..* Difficulty access from all customer to renewable energy

What it does

GEB establishes virtual renewable energy market, offering available choices for interested customer who willing to consume green electricity via biding mechanism.

How I built it

At the beginning, we tossed our enormous numbers of idea related to current situations, pain points, solutions and recently technologies. After enough varieties ideas, we tried to grouping, connecting each idea and linked it together to make shapes of solutions. Then, we discuss on possibility for each idea with mentors. After we earned comments from mentors, we finalized finery the solution which cover our pain points.

Challenges I ran into

⋅⋅* "Bridge the Gap" - New Energy Nexus The main idea of this project is to increase value of renewable energy market by increasing the accessible demand. ⋅⋅* "Real-time origination of emissions" - Southpole Carbon The all transactions of this project is smart contractors of renewable energy purchasing in real time environment. Thus, blockchain technology is nescessity to store numbers of transaction and eliminate cost of data storage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of is joining this event, finding solutions of recently issues, corporating with team members which come from different background. In addition, we are offering solutions and business model which can cover all energy market participants and energy processes. Last but not the least, we are so proud of being one part global community to reduce carbon emission from energy sector.

What I learned

solution development on currently regional energy issues via brainstorming, creating ideas, mentorship, entrepreneurship and critical thinking.

What's next for GEB

Expand our GEB across regions.

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