Gear 2 and Gear S support! This application is remote control your PC using Samsung Gear. It use Samsung Gear, it will auto install this application in your Gear Device. If you don't have Samsung Gear, you can control using Android Application. This application need PC application to connect your PC. You should download GearRemote for PC. Please Visit blog( or homepage(, download GearRemote for PC and get more information.

If PC application is not installed, this application cannot work.

This application include three functions.

I. Remote Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint) You can presentation without keyboard or another remote controller. Only need your devices! Using this app, you can easy presentation. Now available laser pointer mode, remote mouse mode, and file transfer mode.

II. Remote Media Player (Movie, Music) Are you listening to music or watch movie using your computer? This application contains remote music player and movie player. Use this app! You can remote control your media player using this app! Watching movie sitting in a chair? Watching movie lying comfortably movies RIGHT NOW!

Supported media player list - Visit blog( or homepage(

  • If can't control some media player function, that media player doesn't support that function shortcuts. ** If you want add media player, contact me or leave a review. I'll update ASAP.
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