GearFinder is a free app to help you finding your nearest point of interests like Restaurants, Coffee shops, Petrol stations, Bars, Cafes, etc. with convenience just from your Gear 2 smart watch.

Currently GearFinder shows the key information of the places like Name, Address, Contact number and Distance from your current location instantly.

To be noted:

  1. Internet connection on your mobile is necessary.
  2. For better search results, turn on your GPS.

Credits: All search results are served by Yelp(TM) search API.

To do:

  1. User will see the rating of the results.
  2. Search results will have the option to be sorted either by distance or rating.
  3. User will be able to rate the place using Gear 2.
  4. Navigation information to the selected place from the current location will be displayed.
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