GearCodes is the perfect example of fast sharing.

The number of QrCodes on static display has increased, we can see it everywhere, people are used to QrCodes. GearCodes wants to extend the use of these codes and make them wearable.

Wearable Qrcode is at its beginning, the services in which QrCode would be extremely useful is immense.

Example: to get cash beyond a certain amount, the bank asks me a double authentication: my card code and a code sent to my phone. The code generated by the bank is sync to the phone, appears on the watch to be read by the camera. It's fast, free and almost transparent to the user and technologically simple to implement.

GearCodes allows you to generate all QrCodes. Since round 1, Wizards have been added to generate most commons codes. Once created, codes are sync to the watch, you can then display them without the need to be connected to the phone.

Layout have been modified to be adaptative to fit Gear S display and also new coming watch resolution.

About the development and developper

We want to make the best possible applications also we make every effort to ensure quality throughout the creative process, from idea to development then to user support. Versioning, testing and tracking are our way of ensuring quality software, lack of regression, track improvements and their implementation, as well as effective users support.

Individual will become enterprise, I/We want to have a role in the Samsung wearable adventure.

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