1. Play both on Gear 2 and Android mobile synchronously.

  2. Launching the app on Gear 2 automatically launches the app on Android mobile if it is not launched already.

  3. If the app is running on Android mobile, then launching the app on Gear 2 synchronises with the current state in Android mobile.

  4. No Internet connection is required.

Controls in Gear 2:

  1. Scroll Up to select difficulty Levels: Easy, Medium & Hard.

  2. Double Tap to Zoom In & Out for easy selection.

  3. Swipe Left to Undo move.

  4. Swipe Right to Redo move.

Built With

  • android
  • hardware
  • http://chessboardjs.com/
  • java
  • open-source-stockfish-chess-engine-(http://stockfishchess.org/)
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