Gear2cam is a photography app that allows users to control their smartphone's camera using their Gear 2 watches.

This app is great for selfies, wildlife and street photography. The phone can be mounted on a tripod and photos can be clicked discretely without disturbing the animals/subjects. Gear2cam enables photographers to reimagine photography in new ways.


More than 39,000 photos have been clicked using this app!

Photos can be shared to Facebook (optional) directly from the watch.


Some great photos that would not have been possible without Gear2cam:

Clouded Leopard


Gear2cam allowed us to get really close without being in danger (using a selfie stick). This photo is shot through a fine netting for a cage. This would have been impossible/very dangerous with a regular camera

Manipuri Boat

Shooting through glass is difficult because of reflections. Gear2cam allowed us to use a simple handkerchief over the phone to eliminate reflections!

Commercial Potential

Tizen is a growing platform and it is important to first acquire users. Gear2cam (so far) has demonstrated reasonable growth considering that there has been no organised marketing effort for this project.

We hope to boost our growth through the Gear Challenge. The objective would be to (eventually) monetise the user base with a follow on paid app or upgrade. The same user base can then be snow balled with other apps (free and paid).



Gear2cam started of as a project in the Startup Asia 2014 - Singapore Hackathon. The original team comprised of Kapil Mahajan, Vignesh Badrinath Krishna and Varun Chatterji. After the hackathon, only Varun decided to continue on the project and acquired all Intellectual Property rights from Kapil and Vignesh.

Later, Varun was joined by Mohd. Kashif in this project and this is the current team. Varun and Kashif have worked together professionally before.

Varun is also an avid photographer and one of his photographs was recently published by BBC as a part of a competition amongst viewers:


(see 4th photo)

His photography can be found at:


This project unites Varun's passion for photography with his technical skills as a developer.

Kashif is also equally excited by the potential of wearables in the future.

If Gear2cam wins the competition, the team hopes to use the proceeds to get help (Marketing, Product Development, QA, Localisation, Customer Support etc.) that can get the product(s) to the next level.


Even though there are many apps on Samsung Apps with similar functionality (at the time of this submission), Gear2cam was the first app released with remote camera control functionality. Gear2cam is also completely free.

Even though this is a free app, we constantly strive to improve it and try to stay ahead of the competition in terms of functionality and usability.

Documentary evidence of these facts will be provided upon request.

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