Gear Viewfinder, the missing viewfinder for wearable.

Today, the application core of Gear Viewfinder is installed over more than 10,000 devices. This helped make it very stable, despite the diversity of devices and equipment. This application is professional, is user-oriented and uses the full potential of each device where it is installed. The interface is simple and intuitive, limited to the essential user actions. Photographs oriented applications are in the top 10 downloaded applications. There is a real added value of the watch with the use of this kind of application.


Gear Viewfinder is a professional viewfinder, it allows almost all of the camera settings available in phone. But most of all it allows to have a real time camera preview, even during video recording. The interface is intuitive and lightweight and has been continuously upgraded over the versions. We are listening to users, we want to improve our products in time.


  • 2 modes : picture and video
  • Get realtime preview even in movie recording mode
  • Works without any action on phone, it can be on/off or locked (when is on there's no window)
  • Automatic rotation
  • Resolution fast settings
  • Zoom : in/out (swipe right/left)
  • Fast select button : change camera, rotate image, set flash, light torch, self-timer
  • On top phone battery level and charging state widget (white discharging/green charging)
  • Save in Exif format, with location data (GPS) if available


Usability has been greatly improved since the initial release. The design was changed and users interaction areas enlarged for a better UX. Only user actions are highlighted. Much work has been done on automation, for example no action is required on the phone, it may be ON or in standby, the rotation of the image is automatically and more.



The design of the application is flat, as currently in wearable ... and orange! I hope you like the orange! The design wants to be minimalist, the place was given to the picture. The screens of watches are small and we wanted to use them to the maximum and keep the most effecient UX.

Extent to All which WAS Improved Application from Round 1

Many changes have been made since Round 1. For the visible part, the name has changed and the design has been completely revised, making Gear Viewfinder a professional application. From background, the heart of the program was greatly improved and stabilized. The lag detection algorithm (LagKiller is its name) was further improved. Functionalities have been added : picture resolution and video profile can be set from the watch, camera can be zoom in/out with a simple slide. Pictures are saved with Exif format, included location.

Support of the latest Samsung device Gear

One of the biggest improvement is the implementation of an adaptive and responsive interface that allows you to run the Gear Viewfinder on Gear 2 and Gear S but also on completely new type of watch that could get out.


About the development and developper

We want to make the best possible applications also we make every effort to ensure quality throughout the creative process, from idea to development then to user support. Versioning, testing and tracking are our way of ensuring quality software, lack of regression, track improvements and their implementation, as well as effective users support. Individual will become enterprise, I/We want to have a role in the Samsung wearable adventure.

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