Trackability tracks items lost at sea


  • tracking and monitoring of things using Internet of Things Solution at sea. It is built in such a way to be "set and forget" and unobtrusive way of tracing anything at sea.


Our prototype was built mostly from recycled products like PVC tubes and fittings combined with generally available consumables like sensors and braided high strength fish line. Connect locally to their IoT gateway (raspberry pi) which also hosts the dashboard and connects to the internet.Users can locally monitor and store their data until connectivity to the internet is available where their data will be stored in the cloud.


  • Building IoT firmware, full back-end infrastructure and front end stack in the time frame of 48 hours
  • Physically fitting all the parts plus IoT hardware into a smallest possible enclosure


We are currently working on completing the first prototype (some miniaturization required) and the finalization of the cloud and user software.


Funding for product launch and technical support are welcomed.

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