Gear Tennis is a clean, easy to play ping pong game to keep you entertained on the go! How fast are your reflexes ? The goal is to simply keep the "ball rolling" by hitting it with your paddles. How well can you tap or balance your wrist ? Yup, you guessed it right, you have the option of controlling your paddles either by tapping on the screen or tilting your wrist (handsfree .. oops ..fingerfree) . And it gets faster as you score more!!

Add radical entertainment value to your gear smartwatch with this game app!

User Interaction

  • Swipe left and right in the home screen to view the game menu options .
  • Select Play to start a new game!
  • Select How To, to view instructions on how to play Gear Tennis
  • Select HighScore to view your best performance
  • Select Settings to modify your game preferences
  • App interface has been tested for legibility (a minimum of 35px font size) , touch interaction (well sized buttons) , and responsiveness . At all times, interactions are designed to be as natural as possible (touch and tilt), and effort is made to inform the user of any other expected interaction (visual and vibration feedback) .


  • Vibration feedback for ball hit
  • Improved interface response - legibility of text
  • Bigger ball and new orange ball color for better visibility
  • Multiple input methods - Touch or Tilt
  • Natural tilt control angle . Rather than tilting front to back, you can tilt from side to side.

App Settings

  • Input method. Select touch if you would like to tap the screen to move your ping pong paddles or select tilt if you would like to control your paddles by moving your wrist
  • Sound : Toggle sound - on/off
  • Vibration : Toggle vibration -on/off
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