The year is 2090. Extra terrestrial monsters have invaded human settlement realms (Atlantis, Mars, and Utopia). Most of our defense systems have been destroyed. Tap to navigate your ship, destroy the enemy and take back Atlantis. You are Earth's . Last . Chance .

Navigate you ship either by tapping or by tilting your smartwatch.

Add radical entertainment value to your gear smartwatch with this cool game app!

App Features

From the home screen, swipe left and right to view the game option menu

  • Select Play to start your mission.
  • Select Mission to view your instructions
  • Select Highscore to see your best performance
  • Select Settings to customize the game and set your preferences


  • Select your input settings to touch or tilt. This controls how you navigate your ship either by tapping the screen or tilting your wrist.
  • Select your realm . Would you like to do battle on Earth, Utopia, Mars or Atlantis ?
  • Select your vibration options to inform you when your ship is taking critical damage.

Game Interface Design

  • Designed to maximize multiple game control input methods. Users can select between tap based input and accelerometer/movement based input .
  • Designed for legibility . All text within the game are designed to ensure readability (large/medium text size) . Where possible, text is eliminated.
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