Gear Notes is the ULTIMATE app for note taking!

Whether you're interested in text notes, checklists, audio recording, photos, videos, drawings & sketches, or even a remote camera (spy camera) , this app is for you. Not only that, keep all your content one touch away by adding them to your favorites list.

Gear Notes is a beautifully crafted app, the only one you will ever need for your note taking.

Major Features:

  • Text notes: Create text notes on your mobile device and view them instantly on your Gear 2. Pinch to change the font size, or swipe right to activate auto-scroll and read comfortably.

  • Checklists: Create checklists on your mobile device. You will be able to check/uncheck items either on your Gear 2 or your mobile device. Everything is kept in sync as it should be (though it may take up to 30 seconds for checklists).

  • Audio recordings: Record audio notes of an UNLIMITED duration on your Gear 2 and listen to them right there or on your phone, where they can be renamed. Something you forgot mentioning when recording your note? Add comments to audio notes on your mobile device!

  • Photos & Videos: Capture beautiful photos and videos (yes, unlimited in duration) with your Gear 2. Swipe left or right to switch between photo and video modes. Also, the countdown timer might come in handy some time. View your photos & videos on your Gear 2 or your mobile device, where they can be renamed. The pan and pinch gestures you're expecting are available right there on your Gear 2.

  • Sketchpad: You won't be able to draw a masterpiece with this feature, but it may be useful the next time you want to remember a pattern, or just have some fun. Sketches are saved on your Gear 2 and available on your mobile device, where you can rename them.

  • Spy Mode: Remember the last time you wanted to take a group photo with your mobile device, but could not? With Spy Mode it is possible. View your mobile device's camera on you Gear 2. Swipe left or right to switch between the front and back cameras. Change the flash mode, and take pictures instantly with a tap or swipe up to use the countdown timer so you have time to make a nice smile (Pictures are saved in the Evidence album with full resolution). More than that, this is a true spy mode and you can close all recent apps on your mobile device, lock the screen, restart your mobile device ... whatever you do, you will still be able to connect from your Gear 2 and see a live stream.

  • Favorite your notes and keep them one touch away! A recent list is also available.

  • The Gear can be regarded as a fashion item. That is why this app is available in four different themes, allowing for customizations that better suit your taste.

Enjoy taking notes with Gear Notes and stay tuned for further updates.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Have a nice day!

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