Welcome to Gear Navigator

Now you will not lost in the town because you can navigate with your Gear smartwatch ;)

Gear Navigator is first and most popular navigation for Gear 2 smartwatches.

With few simple steps prepare the route in your Galaxy smartphone, start the navigation and you can put the phone into the pocket because now you see updated map on the screen of your Gear 2 smartwatch.

Google Street View is also supported!

How it works?

  • Launch application in smartphone and smartwatch.
  • Tap on "Where to go" edit box. Enter the name of the location like in Google Maps.
  • Alternatively you can say the address by tapping microphone icon or select location from map by tapping on map icon.
  • If you want to add some waypaoints do it by tapping "+" icon in action bar.
  • When your route is ready just click green play button on the bottom. The best route will be find and navigation will start using default mode (walking). To change mode (driving, bicycling, walking) tap route icon in action bar (top right) before you start navigation.
  • When the navigation is started the map is shown onto your smart watch.
  • Tap on map in Gear device to see Google Street View preview. Tap again to go back to map.

In next release the following features will be added:

  • Automatic route recalculation
  • Messages with vibra notification
  • Voice notifications

Phone + Gear Phone + Gear Gear Gear Gear Gear

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