Gear Maps

First app for Gear 2 that gives you possibility to review maps!! Now you can browse maps on your smartwatch.

Gear Maps


  • view map on smartwatch
  • preview of the map seen on watch accessed from mobile phone
  • remote controlling map from you watch (myLocation, move, zoom)
  • show/hide icons on watch
  • lock mobile app
  • auto-tracking your location

Gear Maps Gear Maps

How to use:

  • Run mobile app
  • Run gear app
  • Click 'Connect '
  • Lock mobile app by tapping lock icon
  • Control map from your watch


  • to decrease battery drain
  • dim the screen
  • lock/disable all app controls
  • disable 'Back' button


  • it keeps moving map as you move
  • you are always in the center of a map
  • only moving map will disable it
  • click 'myLocation' to enable it again

Next releases:

  • earth/map mode
  • navigation module, drawing path to destination
  • map updates when screen is completely off
  • more settings/options and adjustments

Please leave in comments which features you want first. Also new ideas are welcome.


Music: - Chill by OXYGIN is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence (

Graphics: - OpenStreetMap contributors ( - changes made (

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