Purpose: To make the process of recruiting and getting recruited easier and to provide a common platform for the recruiters visualize the candidates profile data at a single place.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Flask framework. Boot strap, Mongodb, My sql, Githubapi, Linkedin api.

Descripion: 1. This projects lets an employee to upload his profile data from Linkedin and Github, and make his profile visible for employers. 2. The project has 2 perspectives: (a) Candidate end (b) Employer end (a)Candidate end: A candidate in search of a job creates an account with us and give us permission to access his Linkedin and Github repos. Both of these are important as critical data from these api's will be made available to employers in search of employess. So, the better your profile, the better are your chances of getting hired. (b)Employer login: An employer who is hiring has to create an account with us. With this he would be able to access a huge data of some significant data of employees. Apart from huge data, we provide great analytical tools that are easy to visualize and compare. We provide the best sorting algorithm depending on employers requirement.

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