GE PLC devices in the United States are not guaranteed to be secure. Currently geo mapping of IP addresses have shown to be very unreliable and it is necessary that these units are accurately tracked to improve IoT operations across the country. The objective of this android application is aimed to locate unprotected GE devices in the and accurately determine their positions using techniques that use HMI and PLC trafficking within IP address region to build network that represents the strongest relations industrial companies and GE PLC interfaces. 

Although we were unsuccessful in modeling these relationships we gained insight on the importance of the IP’s ASN value which indicates if a device is active. It would be important for future attempts at this solution to consider searching for internet service provider networks and find the most publicly available data. This would allow the developer to easily apply the appropriate ASN value and pinpoint the PLC location.

The GE PLC Finder app features a SQLite database, pre-populated with IP address information from searching Shodan. The app then uses SQLite and Google Maps to locate the last known coordinates of each IP address while also geo-plotting them on a U.S. Map.GE PLC Finder also has the capablility to allow the user to add or delete more PLCs upon future discoveries.
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