Location: H4

The problem

When collecting business cards at a convention or any event, you are not allowed to contact or digitize them unless you get their permission first.

What it does

We generate an individual GDPR compliance form based on user input, which after signing can be easily managed through the cloud.

How we built it

The iPad/iPhone apps are built in React-native and the server powering the web sever is written in Node.js and deployed with Docker.

Challenges we ran into

Initially the connection between the input device and the signing device was supposed to be implemented via bluetooth, but the native apis proved hard to deal with. So we switched to a wifi based connection approach.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Having achieved what we set out to do.
  2. Providing a solution that solves a specific problem in a way that it could easily be turned into a commercial project.

What we learned

Jonathan: Monorepo development, docker deployment, combining microservices.

Christoph: Communication between devices in the same area and that it sux!

Moritz: To never touch European law again! Onepager design is fun.

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