The main idea is to be able to send DAI without having any Ether for paying gas. Can provide better adoption with using simply interface and only gDAI for payments and token transfers.

What it does

Sending DAI without paying for gas with Ether by using gas station network and staking on Fulcrum for earning interest for further transactions.

How I built it

Build with common dApp technologies like Angular and Solidity.

Challenges I ran into

Calculate the right interest rate of each user. Binding the smart contract to the Angular frontend. Integration of gas station network of OpenZeppeling.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Gas station network integration!

What I learned

Now i know how to work with gas station network and Fulcrum.

What's next for gDAI

Hope ETHGlobal would use it on the hackathons for paying for a beer or food.

Built With

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