By the time you hear about it in the news, it's already too late. The wisdom that governs stock trading applies heavily to the business of domain names. People need to connect to the most applicable domain names to ensure the success of any website. John and I build websites. We made Domain Matrix to quickly and easily provide an array of domain names for currently trending topics so that you can beat the competition to potentially popular domains while they're affordable. After we saw what some domain names were worth, we realized that at any time dormant domain names can become valuable given a swing in the news. This app bridges savvy domain investors to assets with huge business and financial upside.

What it does

Turns trending topics anywhere in the world into business assets and website ideas in the form of domain names. Step one, use our convenient google maps integration to select a locale you want to target and find trends for. Step two, navigate the matrix of trending tweets to find a particular domain name you're interested in. Step three, select that twitter trend and generate domain names for said trend Step four, directly purchase the domain name over our seamless integration with GoDaddy's api.

How we built it

Google maps api into twitter api into godaddy api into more godaddy api.

Challenges we ran into

Sleep. Working with API and authentification.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Smooth transitions between apis. Eye-catching UI

What we learned

Sleep is nice. Learning Twitter, Google Maps, and GoDaddy API

What's next for gd

Spinning up a server for the domain.

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