India is a agrarian country and agriculture largely depends on groundwater, particularly in rain fed areas. Water security holds a key factor to drive the economic growth of India and poverty reduction. In generally village water user committees will be involved in all stages of water security plan preparation and implementation of a village. Water security planning is a challenge task for many village communities and its is evening challenging due to climate change and unprecedented weather events, and also infrastructure growth

What it does

The Crop Water Management Tool (CWMT) will assist villages/communities manage their surface and ground water efficiently without further depleting their resources.

How we built it

The tool is build using disruptive technologies, satellite remote sensing and geospatial technologies, and artificial intelligence for easing communities improve the supply of water and to build awareness about efficient demand side management.

Challenges we ran into

We have detailed workflow and vision but unable to build full version of solution within 30hrs. However we have not disappointed as we got prototype ready.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have arrived with proof of concept and could implement some of the modules of our entire vision of our solution

What we learned

We have learned work under pressure and think through many ideas in limited time. Thanks to our mentors, they gave us good direction.

What's next for GCRS

We are going to take it forward as our product and schedule the timelines for release of first version. We are also discussion with possible clients/customers Primary User group: Village level water user communities and government departments (Agriculture, Water and Irrigation) Secondary: Non government agencies, Civil Society Organizations Industry users: Large farm holding corporates and Corporate Social Responsibility divisions Business model: Customization to governments (State governments) Subscription from NGOs and CSOs Subscription from vendors and suppliers

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