A platform where you earn while you purchase instead of getting temporary little offers you get permanent large gains.

What it does

It is an e-commerce platform in which 3 levels of multi-level marketing is incorporated. Eg. Let there are 3 person A, B, C, D. Now Person A has referred to person B Person B has referred to person C Person C has referred to person D. Now when person D makes a purchase, person C, B, A will get credits. Sustainable life long credits.

How I built it

Yes, that is what I was thinking for many days. So I experimented with already existing solutions like Woocommerce, Magento, and Apache OfBiz. These were great options but they lack benchmarks, simplicity. So researched benchmarks and simplicity I tried Nodejs firstly but I was not satisfied with the Configurations it required and instability after updates, then I tried Java again, I need to manage dependencies although that is not a hassle I love simplicity. So I came to this guy called Go(golang) this is what I experimented and it gave me the power of simplicity, clarity, and benchmarks, with no more updation headache.

Here I started building the backend on Go. I have used only generic libraries to get the best performance out of it. I built the complete e-commerce backend then I tested it. Everything looked OK. So I finally made a brute force attack and found that the system is not responding now. Then I studied the problem then finally found the problem, that was each time a GET/POST request is made I new connection is established with the database server without closing the used one. So I solved the problem then later I realized that official documentations have a glitch. As I have gone as per them I faced the problem. Although I had closed the connection every time it was never executed due to the internal structure of GO.

Challenges I ran into

Please Refer the above story.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fixing the bugs generic MySQL driver issue that was even not solved by publisher. building first MLM based e-commerce on Go.

What I learned

It takes Patience to build great things. There is always an optimal way.

What's next for Gcomm

I want to make the entire physical supply chain a virtual community so that every operation could be optimized cost could be minimized beneficiary could be increased.

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