Global warming has become an undeniable problem. As individuals, we can help to create a more environmentally friendly neighborhood, both for ourselves and for others, by planting at home. And as the idea of organic food becomes more and more popular, planting veggies or herbs in our backyard not only creates a sustainable source for organic food but also enables a possibility to sell the extra plants to others in need.

What it does

There are three ways a user can utilize the platform:

  • sell their spare plants through our auction smart contract
  • post articles on the platform to share their experiences and tips for gardening
  • buy gardening supply with the unique currency on the platform ## How we built it
  • the platform was built using ruby-on-rails
  • smart contracts were built with solidity ## Challenges we ran into
  • the scope of the project is not well designed and hence we had a problem finishing it ## Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for GCC (Green Crypto Community)

  • only the auction contract is completed, all the other features can be implemented in the next step
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