About The Project

Gbif Reporter: is an Artificial Intelligence For Evaluating GBIF Datasets for Species Ignorance, Bias & Gaps in Eco-Regions & Time in Africa. It detects Ignorance, Gaps and bias issues on various Taxonomical groups within the GBIF Datasets as well as the solution to all GBIF Bio-Diversity Challenges

An advance digital projects submitted to Gbif app Contest 2016 by Esedo Fredrick C.

About the Video Demonstrations

The video is just a mere demonstrations to shows all the Projects outline. it does not account for GBIF Bio-Data analysis in Details.

About the Project Download

Please Download the attached Documents in Zip Formats provided in the submission Form(The Project is in both PDF and MSword 2007 format)

##Projects Table of Contents

Things to Note about Validation of GBIF Datasets towards Completeness, Richness and Fit-For-Use

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: What the system Does and why the System is the best

Chapter 3: Locations/Eco-Regions of Gbif Dataset Analysis

Chapter 4: Importance of Ignorance Maps and Statistical Charts(Targeted Audience)

Chapter 5: Socio-Economic & Geographical Factors that Influence Gbif Species Ignorance, Gap and Data completeness, fitness for usage etc

Chapter 6: System Algorithm, Tools and Methods Used

Chapter 7: Summary of Issues towards Ignorance and Gaps on GBIF Data Resources

Chapter 8 : Solutions/Way forward for Gbif Data Resources Completeness & Fit-For-Use

Chapter 9: Essence of Future Survey & Data Mobilization for GBIF Datasets

Chapter 10: A little Digital Web App for Futuristic GBIF Bio-Data Sampling & Collection

Chapter 11: Analytical Conclusion

Chapter 12: Sources of GBIF Data Used for Species Ignorance Data Analysis

Chapter 13: References

Chapter 14: Vote of Thanks

Users and their corresponding passwords

To quickly access this projects online,quickly use any of the accounts and then follow the website link stated below

1.) User: lars & password: lars
2.) User: nicolas & password: nicolas
3.) User : roderic & password: roderic
4.) User: sandra & password: Sandra

An Additional Tips:

The digital apps provides two ways to login into the applications. the First is the normal login Form and the other is Cryptophotos Login Authentication using highly secured Cryptophotos Photos Algorithms powered by (http://cryptophoto.com/). Either of the two Login form can Serve. In case of Cryptophotos,Instructions on how to use it is provided in the Cryptophotos login page. When accessing GBIF Datasets using Cryptophotos, It gives the Data Users the impression and confidence that they are accessing Bio-Diversity Informations in highly secured GBIF Venerable Server Systems.

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