VR app downloads is growing exponentially, by having the users consume immersive content. Hence, many companies are trying to develop their own contents and making money by charging the premium content or by having advertisers to sponsored the brand advertisement on the VR app.


Problem with this is that users will not have a full experience to consume immersive content because user needs to take out their credit card to pay every premium contents they want to watch. Other things, VR advertisement model is it still based on the web advertisement model where it will have the ads played before users can consume the content or users. However, this will change the meaning of immersive content itself and therefore the users will not gain the full experience of the content. On top of that, web ads model are not optimizing the advertisement metrics in the VR app.


Our solution is GazeVR which is a blockchain platform for social VR that will be able to track users gaze movement and let the content creators to earn coin by having the sponsored ads. With blockchain, users are not required to be away from the screen just to input the credit card information. Because GazeVR is able to track the gaze, such as where did the user see and how long did the user pay attention to it, we are able to collect all these data, analyze it and present it back to the advertisers so they have more accurate information on what products the user are interested in.

How it works?

Content creators are able to create their own virtual environment and host their contents. They can charge the users for premium contents, when the users check their contents, GazeVR will be able to detect it by what users are seeing through the headset and trigger the payment of coin to the content creators. However, if it is a free content and the content creators have some sponsored advertisement then the moment users are gazing through the product then GazeVR will trigger the payment to the content creators from the advertisers, and we will send the analytics to the advertisers on what the users are interested in.


Right now everything is live and working, users are able to connect with each other in the GazeVR environment as part of the social VR.

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