We wanted to come up with a way of disrupting the legacy music festival model, using AR & VR technologies - creating a way to run a music festival anywhere (or everywhere) at the same time without any overheads! The app needed to allow senders to add money, gifts and tokens.

What it does

Using a smart contract interface, users construct an AR TIME BOMB - users select the content they want to send (can be music, video, photos, animations) select a bomb from an 'AR bomb library' and then add (i) explosion time, (ii) date, (iii) location, (iv) wick (ie now long the bomb reveals itself before it explodes), (v) receiver(s) (can send to an individual, or a group), (vi) bomb radius (ie when the receiver comes within a certain radius it notifies the recipient) . The bomb library includes tailored bombs eg : money bomb, music bomb. Bombs detonate through a users 'gaze' triggering the transaction and revealing the content . The app utilises layer 1 for peer to peer bombs, and layer 2 for bombs that are sent to many/ groups. Bombs can include 'money bombs', can include tokens and other gift card ideas.

How I built it

The app is build using Unity and ARKit / AR Core, integrated with GazePay (an adapted Connext layer 2 payment system where transactions are triggered by a users Gaze') .

Challenges I ran into

We had to build a Unity 'module' pay button to allow layer 2 payments to trigger from engagement with the content.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Disrupting the governments clampdown on Music Festivals - and in the process creating an AR app that anyone can use / AR messaging.

What I learned

The simpler you make the idea the bigger it gets, but the easier it gets also (is that a 'catch 22' or not?)

What's next for Time Bomb

We are releasing the app at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) in September with a super star DJ gig ..

Built With

  • adapted-connext-layer-2-payment-system-smart-contracts
  • arcore
  • arkit
  • ethereum
  • unity
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