Defi investors usually prefer to have assets like Bitcoin and Solana. However, such assets typically generate low interest, leading investors' to convert the original interest into other assets for higher profit. This isn't a good user experience.

What it does

Gauntlet is the first Defi service that harvests yields automatically and turns them into other valuable assets. No matter which Defi service you use for farming, Gauntlet will help you collect (any) demanded assets as your new yields.

How we built it

Our focus in building Gauntlet was solely on creating a convenient user experience. We split our team into three parts: the financial architecture team, the user experience & design team, and the development team. These teams together have developed a utility-driven, user-friendly application.

Challenges we ran into

Gauntlet is a yield optimizer that optimizes yields to maximize profit. Therefore, communication with other Defi services is essential, but the architecture of Solana makes it hard to connect with other applications and causes a lot of technical issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We eventually implemented a yield optimizer that communicates with Raydium. Gauntlet periodically manages LP tokens and converts them into whitelisted assets. A user interface that well suits the concept easily shows such a mechanism.

What we learned

We noticed the robust architecture of Solana, which separates economic logic from data. So, we implemented our application in a functional programming manner with lots of optimization techniques. We got used to these techniques and acquired the skills to apply to the blockchain.

What's next for Gauntlet

Gauntlet aims to be a decentralized and highly scalable platform. Gauntlet will soon allow participants to create investment strategies of their own and earn their fair share. So, anyone can create a new strategy and receive a commission whenever a new Defi service launches.

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