Lonely programmers looking for friendships with humans other than machines. Just kidding. When we were freshmen, it was difficult to find classmates to study or hang out with. Also, when we were studying for finals, it was difficult for us to find classmates we can study with.

How it works

This app connects students within same major, same classes, etc. For example, you can find out who is in your class and create a study group, share notes, and send messages even with the people you have not met yet.

Challenges I ran into

It was a bit difficult learning about the Moxtra API from scratch, but we eventually made it work!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Moxtra API is beautifully integrated into our app.

What I learned

We learned about the Moxtra API.

What's next for GauchoMeet

More integrations of Moxtra API like screen sharing.

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