We are currently living in a time period where the world is growing farther apart due to COVID-19. Many people are isolated in their homes without much to do. Students in cities have been forced to go back to their families and they are not able to have the normal social lives they were accustomed to. So we wanted to make a website that focuses on local events around a user. As of now, many current alternatives only focus on major events like music festivals or sports events. But we aim to provide a narrowed website that allows people to explore different events/things of interest around the user’s city.

What it does

  • Learns about your interests and provides suggested events and suggested users to go with. Meet new people and explore new places
  • Learn about new cultures while meeting people outside your friend circle. We provide one place to find events like Hackathons, Religious Festivals, Farmers Markets AND we connect you with people to go to these events with
  • Recommend/ provide local events based on user selected interests
  • Provide opportunities for people to meet others through local events
  • Provide special benefits in return for app-interaction through a points based system
  • Has a maps feature that lets you locate events based on your location
  • Provides ease of use and attractive interface for users

Impact on our community

  • Increase engagement in the local community
  • Allow local event organizers to promote their events
  • Improve local business
  • Provides a safer alternative of social interaction for people (alternative to crowded places)
  • Improve opportunities or things of interest of people

How we built it

We used HTML, css3, Javascript, Python, Flask, MySQL, and Azure to build the prototype of this website.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges. For a lot of members on our team, this was our first time working on frontend. We were all motivated to create the best user interface for our users. In order to accomplish this goal, we had to watch tutorials and refer to several articles/ resources provided by Diversified. We also had several technical issues. One of our team member’s computer crashed (took 4 hours to recover). And a couple of team members also had wifi issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For some of our team members, this was our first time exploring web development. We had to go through several tutorials in order to understand the key concepts. Especially for frontend web development, we referred to the tutorials/ resources provided by Diversified to enhance our user interface.

What we learned

  • We learned how to use Azure, set up an Azure SQL server, Connected our web app to the server
  • We learned about Flask and were able to use Flask with Azure, NLP, HTML/CSS
  • Learned a lot about UI/ UX design principles. We were also able to implement what we learned into our project.

What's next for Gathr

  • An In-App chat feature to allow users to easily provide registration/ sharing for events.
  • Create an add organizer account type that allows outside organizers to add events.
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