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We are inspired by All Filipinos working abroad just to give good living to their families. We all know that they are known as our new heroes. They will ignore all pain, homesickness and tiredness. We want to help their problems by providing them a platform that may strengthen their faith to Christ and their family.

What it does

Basically, this application just connects you to the world of Christians through technology. You can create and join groups or communities wherever you want to join in. Whether its for your family, organization, community, or church, you can communicate with them by sharing what's your thoughts on a certain topic from a bible verses. Bible Study/Sharing is a typical activity that Christians are doing to improve their self-understanding and connections to other Christian. But there's only one limitation that makes it difficult to do - the geographical fact. For OFWs, they can't just do Bible Study/Sharing with their families and friends. But through this application, this problem may be solved or lessen. Let's gather with gatherApp.

How we built it

We built it in Android platform which has the most number of users. We make it very simple, so everybody can use it even non-tech person. We added Facebook integration to lessen the complication of registering and logging in to our platform.

Challenges we ran into

The Time. Know we know that time is really gold. We wasted too many hours and not focused to the development in the early phase of the competition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Every line of code, every pixel of our design, we are all proud of it. Because this is our first time to develop a system for our Christ and we will continuing it.

What we learned

Through local and global mentors, we learned many things. Their point of view as a true Christ follower help us to think of a system that is really needed. Aside from that, the lives of OFW, we are very touched to their stories. That is why we want to finish this application as we can because this is for them.

What's next for GatherApp

  • Chat modules to make their communication better.
  • Meetup modules, so they can set a meeting for their organization/community.
  • Worldwide point-of-view
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