We wanted to make it easy for people to educate themselves about and participate in the BLM movement.

What it does

The website has 4 main aspects:

  1. The chatbot, which will answer any question that you have about BLM! Let’s say that you were wondering when the Black Lives Matter movement started. All you have to do is type the question in and you instantly get a response. We felt that a chatbot added an interactive feature to our website that really engages users in an interesting way. To make this bot, we used the microsoft Azure bot service. Neither of us had used this service before or coded a chatbot to be on a website, so this was completely new to us. We wanted to actually code the bot, not use a service in which we wouldn’t get to write any code. Azure seemed perfect because it gave us the starting code which we could build off to make our bot knowledgeable about Black Lives Matter. We did a lot of research for this, and all of the bot’s opinions come from news articles written by black authors. The bot’s background information comes from general news articles.

  2. A map of upcoming protests. If you click on a map pin, you can see the name of the protest, where it is, and when it is. Just click on the link for more information! To make this map, we used web scraping. Neither of us had ever web scraped before, so it was another totally new technique that we spent Saturday learning. While Sanya focused on learning about the chatbot, I focused on learning how to web scrape. When I had trouble connecting the map to the website, Sanya helped me, and when she needed help gathering information, I helped her research. With this teamwork we were able to create a lot of different interactive features on our website.

  3. Recent political events. Now you can see recent developments in the country. The top left is information on George Floyd and if you scroll all the way down you can see the most recent developments. We also used web scraping for this page in order to quickly get all of this information.

  4. The petitions page, which has a list of a bunch of petitions that we encourage you all to sign. We wanted to make sure that it is easy to find important petitions and easy to sign them.

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