Inspiration sucks - and their new pricing scheme now put the final nail into the coffin for free and open source communities as a platform. So, now what? Set up a bunch of individual event organization services? But the main thing that was good at, was the reach it had, the possibility to find groups and events across organizations and cities. Each one hosting their own events management webservice, with a separate login and user management is going to be a dread people and organizers don't want.

You know what would be better? A platform that appears centralized to the users, but is governed and shared by a consortium of community organizations. Should be easy enough to do, using substrate and IPFS, each organisation could host their UI and showcase their communities while all share the same data (and thus search results) and user login via an encrypted blockchain.

The primary objective therefore is to provide a experience on a web3.0 infrastructure, in particular hide most of the crypto from the regular user as far as possible and provide the known (and loved) email notifications you expect from a modern web2 plattform.

What it does

Offers a like interface, on a Substrate Blockchain & IPFS backed community consortium run decentralised infrastructure with the regular web2.0 features the regular user expects: E-Mail+PW sign up, and email notifications on new gatherings or creation of groups on interested topic.

This MVP

This MVP shows that the data structures can successfully be mapped in a privacy-preserving-okayish-level on chain and through IPFS, while wiring up an offchain-worker to send email notifications and ical stuff. It show cases that a regular feeling UI could easily be used to run a consortium blockchain of user groups that would cohost a centralized registry.

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