Like many people, we have the problem of being bored and not knowing what to do and who to do it with. After getting sick of sitting in our rooms with no idea what to do, we decided to fix things.

Our app takes you and your friends' interests and generates hangout ideas for you to do. We allow people to quickly set their status (ex: "Free to hang", "Can Maybe Hang", "Busy") so that you can just open the app and see who's available.

We've also made the app backwards compatible so friends who don't have the app can also join in on the event! We do this through the twilio api, sending a text message and letting them reply to get added to the gathering on our app.

We have group messaging and one-on-one messaging so you can get in contact and coordinate quickly with people in the app!

Our app works because it's the quickest way to see what people are up to. You can see other bored friends in an instant, see what people are up to, and mass text your closest friends about an event with one tap.

We use the Yelp API to query for the best restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. We used Parse as our backend to store all the data and to do messaging. In the future, we'd like to add an option so that you can choose whether to allow friends of friends or strangers see your events to connect more people with similar interests together.

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