In these uncertain times, everyone needs a little help. Stepping outside our homes to gather necessary supplies is more risky for some than it is for others. Other grocery delivery solutions are built for those of us familiar with modern technology and those of us with experience ordering on our devices. Gateway is built for seniors who are new to using technology to order their groceries and need a hand.

What it does

Connects seniors with drivers able to deliver their groceries to them. Seniors are able to choose from a list of groceries or upload their handwritten notes to automatically transcribe their list for grocery orders.

Seniors are notified of who is going to be able to deliver, and are prompted if they want to tip.

How we built it

Using the Flutter SDK and the Dart programming language, we created this cross-platform app that works both on Android and iOS. We used Google Cloud's Vision AI to perform OCR and parse handwritten text from a photo to create the user's grocery list.

Challenges we ran into

Working with the Google Cloud Platform was very intimidating at first. Aside from that, when we got our initial idea of our project we were constantly changing its features. This caused delays in production, but we were still proud of the outcome of the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to learn a new language that been gaining popularity in the programming world. Flutter and Dart are amazing tools that could really be beneficial in the years to come. We were also proud that we actually got Google Cloud Platform to work. In previous hackathons, we always struggled trying to use it, so this was a big win for our team.

What we learned

Forming an idea can be very difficult at first; especially when some members have different visions for the application. Although it's a difficult process, sometimes it can produce a fruitful product in the end.

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